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A capsule collection created by designer Joe Doucet. A single, bold design that can be customized in over 30 colors.
Made-to-order in perfect-fitting lengths.

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The Tie Bar Design

The JDxSbD design highlights SAME BUT DIFFERENT's capability to create perfect-fitting knit ties by subtly and playfully referencing the tie bar - an element that is intended to be placed between the second and third buttons.

Every tie fits perfectly and every tie bar design falls in just the right place.

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Good Design Should Also Do Good

For every tie sold, we're dedicating 10% of the proceeds from the capsule collection to Career Gear, an organization that provides professional clothing, mentoring and life-skills to help men in poverty become stronger contributors to their families and communities.

1 bold design. 5 suggested color combinations.
30 available colors to mix and match.

All made on-demand in a couple of days without waste in a size that is guaranteed to fit.

Go make your own

Remind your future self about SAME BUT DIFFERENT and get $5 off for the effort.