best. gift. ever.

Feet deserve better. So we've made them the best pair of socks. Leave the rubber band ovals behind and step into the future: customizable Feet-Shaped Socks™.

Seamless and contoured to your natural foot shape, made in your favorite colors and with customizable text to keep your leg hands happy.

playful. personal. uniquely yours.

Each pair of socks is individually-made just for you by humans and robots in Brooklyn. Customize them to your favorite design. Add your favorite colors. Spread your message with your own custom text that’s knit right into the sock. Go bold. Be playful. Or keep it cool. You do you.

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feet-shaped for insanely comfortable feets

Your feet aren’t ovals. They are feet-shaped. And, they come in a left and a right. So that’s exactly how we made our socks - contoured and angled around your toes and made in your shoe size for the perfect fit. No excess fabric or seam to gather and rub. Leave those rubber band ovals others call socks behind and step into the future.

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like foot pillows made out of clouds

Forbes called them “one of the products that changed my life and will change yours.” But we like how one fan put it: “they amaze.” 

Made from buttery-soft Italian Merino wool, it means these are the softest, most comfortable socks you've ever worn. Go ahead, walk on a cloud. Triple dog dare ya.

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Remind your future self about SAME BUT DIFFERENT and get $5 off for the effort.